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Kevin Wyglad has spent his entire life in music.  Kevin Wyglad has been playing professionally for 33 years. Performing on large stages as a kid, Kevin was hired as a professional musician for the first time at the age of 16, and completed his first tour by 23. Kevin has been covering songs his entire life. As a songwriter, Kevin also kept shows on the calendar that were/are cover music shows. Often times, Kevin appropriately mixes covers with originals depending on the venue or show.  ​​Kevin has shared stages or recorded with several regional and national acts (contact Kevin for a list of names). Kevin Wyglad is a true multi-instrumentalist. Kevin started as a drummer. Thru the years he picked up bass guitar, lead/rhythm guitar, piano/keyboards, and vocals. Fluent and equally skilled on drums, bass, guitar, and vocals, Kevin has also plays piano/keyboards, all self-trained and learned by ear. However, Kevin reads and writes sheet music, chord charts, lead sheets, and drumset/percussion music. Kevin Wyglad has experience in every aspect of the music business. Performer, recording artist, studio musician, studio engineer, producer, artist development, performance coaching, booking agent, and management. This was all done on a professional or national level. Kevin also co-hosted and co-produced a nationally syndicated music radio show for 7 years. ​​ Kevin is also a professed Christian, worship leader, and director of music at Creekside church in Cumming, GA. As a composer of his original Christian music, you can find it on iTunes, Reverbnation,, Napster, or at your favorite online retailer​​. 

DISCOGRAPHY ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • 1986 JAN SMITH - TSUNAMI full album ​ Drums, vocals ​
  • 1994 KEVIN WYGLAD - CHEMISTRY CLASS ​ full CD ​Artist, songwriter, musician, producer ​
  • 1998 KEVIN WYGLAD HIGH ROAD full CD ​ Artist, songw​riter, musician, producer ​
  • 1999 VAN GOGH - THREE full CD ​ Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals ​
  • 2000 ED BOLDUC - FACE OF GOD full CD ​Lead guitar, drums ​
  • 2000 ED BOLDUC - ST. ANN’S LIVE full CD Lead guitar ​
  • 2001 VAN GOGH - VAN GOGH full CD Guitar, bass, keyboards ​
  • 2001 GEOF JOHNSON - SONGS FROM THE BIG HAT ​Drums ​ 2002
  • GEOF JOHNSON - GOOD HABITS ​Drums, vocals ​
  • 2002 KEVIN WYGLAD - SONFEST full EP ​Artist, songwriter, musician, producer, record and mix engineer, all instruments​ ​
  • 2003 KEVIN WYGLAD - FREE MY SOUL full CD ​Artist, songwriter, musician, producer, record  and mix engineer all instruments​ ​
  • 2004 VAN GOGH - GRAVITY full CD ​Guitar, bass ​
  • 2005 KEVIN WYGLAD - REFELECTIONS full CD ​Artist, songwriter, musician, producer, engineer ​
  • 2007 SHARON ALABISO - LULLABY full CD Producer, record and mix engineer, all instruments ​
  • 2009 GRAHAM KUHN - LIVE AT ST. ANN’S full CD Mix engineer, mastering, ​Guitar, vocals,  ​
  • 2009 JOHN ANGOTTI - EXTRAORDINARY LOVE ​Acoustic guitar ​
  • 2010 KEVIN WYGLAD - MY SAVIOR REIGNS full CD ​Artist, songwriter, musician, producer, engineer ​
  • 2013 KEREN LEPPO - GYPSY ROAD full CD ​Producer, record and mix engineer, all instruments
  • 2014 SUSAN RHONE - LIFE INTERRUPTED  full CD Record and mix engineer, co-producer
  • 2014 ​​​​DEB RODRIGUEZ - LIVE WORSHIP full CD Mix engineer, co-producer, bass guitar, vocals​​
  • 2015 KEVIN WYGLAD - Come To Me single release, fully produced, recorded, engineered, mastered, and most instruments. 
  • 2016 STEWART PARKER - It Is Well With My Soul full CD Record and mix engineer, producer. 
  • 2016 WAYNE STEWART - Always Will Be single release, fully produced, recorded, engineered, mastered, and all instruments. 
  • 2016 BILL PLUNK - You (Are My God) single release, fully produced, recorded, engineered, mastered, and all instruments. 


Kevin Wyglad is available for freelance work with any and all arrangements. With almost 30 years of experience, Kevin has performed in every possible musical performance situation. See the information below in which Kevin has provided his musical talents. If what you request is not mentioned below, please click the Contact button and describe your request.

nstruments: Rhythm or Lead Electric Guitar Rhythm or Lead Acoustic Guitar Drums and Percussion Bass Guitar (electric only, 4 or 5 string) Lead or Backup Vocals (low tenor) Keyboards (piano/keys)  Countless Performances: Corporate Events Private Events Club Gigs Original Music Shows Broadway Shows Tours  Studio  Worship And more....